Chef Akmal Anuar

If you’ve hung out in a Singaporean market, you’ll know it’s the kinda place that’ll make anyone obsessed with flavour.

When little Akmal Anuar’s parents put him to work at their Singaporean hawker stall, they had no idea he’d grow up to be an award-winning chef who’d travel the world to understand and blend Singaporean, Chinese, Japanese and European flavours. After leaving the prestigious position of Head Chef at Iggy’s Singapore, he opened Richard Sandoval’s concept, Zengo’s, in Dubai, then went out on his own to open award-winning, 3Fils Restaurant, Brix Dessert Parlour and culinary consultancy, White Rice.


By Chef Akmal Anuar

The beef bowl of your dreams.

Gyudon translates literally to “beef bowl” and figuratively to “omg this is delicious”. A traditional Japanese dish with a base of white rice topped with soy braised tenderloin beef and onion, and wasabi mayo. Omg this really is delicious.

4 Hour Beef Ribs

By Chef Akmal Anuar

Makin’ magic takes time.

They say that good things come to those who wait. Well, the chef waits four hours for these Korean glazed beef ribs to get to sticky, spicy, juicy, tender perfection. Served on white rice with pickled daikon, it’s ready when you are.

Mighty Duck

By Chef Akmal Anuar

Duck with a bit more duck and a side of duck.

Crispy duck leg confit, garlicky duck rice, and duck fat sautéed onions. You’d be a quack not to try it. Ok, sorry, that one wasn’t funny, but it’s true.

All Stars Evolution

All Stars Evolution

Thanks for all your support and feedback over the last few months!

It’s only because of your patronage and encouragement that we are able to improve and progress.

Quality, experience and storytelling were always at the heart of what we wanted to achieve with the All Stars and because of this, we are continuously on an evolutionary journey to improve. 

Therefore, we have closed our delivery kitchen for the time being while we work on the next iteration of the All Stars.  We’ve got some exciting announcements to make and can’t wait to show you the 2.0 version!

Stay tuned and stay hungry!