Chef Greg Malouf

You don’t earn the title of Godfather of Modern Middle Eastern Cuisine or win a Michelin Star by being average.

Chef Malouf’s full bio is 18 pages long. We don’t have that kinda space, so let’s just say that this guy’s won countless international culinary achievement awards, co-authored 7 award-winning cookbooks, and to top it off, has a Michelin Star from his time at the iconic Petersham Nurseries Café. From Australia to France, Italy to Austria, Hong Kong, London, and now Dubai; Malouf’s brought some of the best Middle Eastern cuisine to the world – and now it’s your turn.

Hazelnut Falafel, Pickles and Green Tahini

By Chef Greg Malouf

We’ve been eating these like popcorn.

We have a little bit of texture-flavour-combo heaven right here. Crispy, earthy Hazelnut falafel, spicy and sharp pickled turnips, finished off with a rich green tahini, packed with mint, coriander and garlic. Need we say more?

Silky Hummus with Broad Beans and Pumpkin

By Chef Greg Malouf

Is it weird to want to dive into a pool of hummus?

We believe that hummus is a food group of its own. And this one is somewhere at the top of the food chain. Is this metaphor working? We don’t know anymore. But the point is that this silky-smooth hummus, topped with spiced, butternut and broad beans, with a sprinkle of almonds and a splash of lemon, is really, really delicious.

Four Cheese Swanky Arabian Rolls

By Chef Greg Malouf

Springrolls fit for the catwalk.

Crisp, golden pastry laden with porcini mushrooms, haloumi, provolone, fresh mozzarella, and slightly sweet akawi cheese, brought to life with a whoosh of fragrant mint and tangy sumac. These Insta-perfect Arabian Rolls are ready to roll on into your heart.

Cheesy Moutabbal with Chilli Cheese Straws

By Chef Greg Malouf

Cheese on cheese on cheese.

There’s already something so magically delicious about smoky Moutabbal. Now add cream, mozzarella and gouda, then spice it up with Golden Ras El Honout, and this simple dish is in a league of its own. Thought that was it? No, we need a dipper! How about Turkish red chilli and feta cheese straws? Sold.

Wild Greens and Mozzarella Sambousak

By Chef Greg Malouf

Ode to the triangle of happiness.

This Sambousak (a cousin of the Samosa) is packed with so much flavour, it’s gonna explode out of its golden delicious pastry. Start with rocket, Swiss chard and chicory. Throw in some leeks, preserved lemon and Turkish red chilli flakes. Finish it off with buffalo mozzarella and Greek feta. **swoons**

The WHOLE Veg Mezze Shebang

By Chef Greg Malouf

Sit yourself down, loosen your belt, and tuck in.

If you can’t (or won’t) choose, we definitely don’t judge if you get ‘em all. Moroccan Moutabbal with Chilli Cheese Straws; Wild Green and Mozzarella Sambousak; Four Cheese Arabian Rolls; Hazelnut Falafel with Green Tahini; and Silky Hummus with Broad Beans and Pumpkin. More really is the merrier.

Hazelnut Falafel Wrap

By Chef Greg Malouf

This ain’t your typical Falafel.

Well hello there interesting spice combo! Falafel have levelled up with this hazelnut, coriander, cumin, chili and garlic spice combo. These little orbs of perfection are thrown into a wrap, with pickled turnip and lashings of green tahini sauce.

All Stars Evolution

All Stars Evolution

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