Chef Omar Rodriguez

Some kids grow up watching cartoons and eating crayons. Chef Rodriguez watched cooking shows and ate ceviche.

From his abuelita’s kitchen in Lima, to spending summer break in Peruvian restaurants in the US, Chef Rodriguez was destined to create a life making Peruvian food. He’s cooked at some the best kitchens in NYC and opened the incredible Raymi New York Peruvian Kitchen and Pisco Bar. He’s now brought this experience and flavour to Dubai, where he opened Mayta Restaurant & Pisco Bar and now heads SLAB test kitchen and concepts. Are you ready for this? ‘Coz we sure are.

Double Trouble Burger

By Chef Omar Rodriguez

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Two hefty beef patties. Two thick slices of American cheese. A pile of caramelized onion. Salty, sour pickle. Spicy chipotle secret sauce. Just one bite of this burger and you’ll be weak at the knees.

Rodriguez Dan Dan Noodles

By Chef Omar Rodriguez

So nice you say it twice.

Dan Dan Noodles are a super complex dish and this one knocks it out the park. Spicy chicken Szechuan ragu, a traditional garnish of chopped peanuts, scallion and baby spinach, all sitting atop silky egg noodles. #SendNoods.

All American Chicken Sando

By Chef Omar Rodriguez

Just call it the United States of Dubai.

This chonky sandwich is what you wished you got in your lunchbox as a kid. Potato bun, American cheese, crunchy kale slaw, garlic mayo and zingy pickles. The days of the boring ol’ sarmie are long behind us.

Loaded Umami Fries

By Chef Omar Rodriguez

It’s your new addiction.

It’s unfair that this exists, because good ol’ plain fries don’t stand a chance. Glazed shitake mushrooms, pickled daikon, crispy shallots, spring onion, topped with truffle mayo. They’re gonna knock your socks off, whether you’re wearing any or not.

All Stars Evolution

All Stars Evolution

Thanks for all your support and feedback over the last few months!

It’s only because of your patronage and encouragement that we are able to improve and progress.

Quality, experience and storytelling were always at the heart of what we wanted to achieve with the All Stars and because of this, we are continuously on an evolutionary journey to improve. 

Therefore, we have closed our delivery kitchen for the time being while we work on the next iteration of the All Stars.  We’ve got some exciting announcements to make and can’t wait to show you the 2.0 version!

Stay tuned and stay hungry!