Chef Reif Othman

We do food. Not maths. And Chef Reif Othman has won more awards than we can count on our fingers and toes – twice.

This guy’s understanding of Far-Eastern cuisine means that we count our lucky stars that he set up shop in Dubai. From One Rochester Group Singapore, Zuma Dubai, Play Restaurant & Lounge, Sumosan Twiga, Billionaire Mansion, The Experience and Japanese Kushiyaki and a lot more in between, it would be quite the understatement to say that he’s got some damn fine skills.

Chipotle Chicken Poke

By Chef Reif Othman

Chipotle is always a yes.

Succulent chipotle chicken, fresh edamame, zingy red onion, and charred sweetcorn, topped with a sweet ponzu sauce. It’s everything you need, and more.

You Choose: quinoa | brown rice | sushi rice.

Seared Salmon Poke

By Chef Reif Othman

Weird, seared salmon is always a yes, too.

Sliced seared salmon, yuzu avocado, charred sweetcorn, and fresh edamame, topped with a nutty sesame and chili soy. This is a bowl of perfection.

You Choose: quinoa | brown rice | sushi rice.

Miso Charred Broccolini

By Chef Reif Othman

Meet broccoli’s fancier, taller, sweeter cousin.

And this one’s made even more fancy dahling, with a barley miso dressing and a topping of crispy shallots.

All Stars Evolution

All Stars Evolution

Thanks for all your support and feedback over the last few months!

It’s only because of your patronage and encouragement that we are able to improve and progress.

Quality, experience and storytelling were always at the heart of what we wanted to achieve with the All Stars and because of this, we are continuously on an evolutionary journey to improve. 

Therefore, we have closed our delivery kitchen for the time being while we work on the next iteration of the All Stars.  We’ve got some exciting announcements to make and can’t wait to show you the 2.0 version!

Stay tuned and stay hungry!